Gram-Of-Fun is a colourful group of friends who despite all being different, share the same values when it comes to art. They are a collective that is not afraid to experiment, collaborate and work hard to better the music world.

You can hear all kinds of different approaches and influences when listening to their music, and i promise, you are going to love how it all fits perfectly together.

GOF reached a landmark in the form of their first project back in May 2019: "Second Breakfast EP”. A key track from the project is titled "Reservation" which expands their funky approach & they grasp the ethos and zeitgeist of the 80s, as the Michael Mann-esque hue of the cover might hint. By the end of 2019 this track was one of the most played songs on Radio2.

The band did their first gig at Tallinn Music Week 2018 which paved the way for a very busy couple of years - performing on a regular basis all around the country and at all the major festivals.
They warmed up for such great artists as Jungle (UK), Onni Boi (FIN), Lovebirds (GER).
The band did their first gigs abroad September 2019 playing gigs at Norden Festival in Schleswig and at the famous Mojo Jazz Cafe in Hamburg.

Artists like FKJ, Gorillaz, Run the Jewels, Tuxedo, Bondax, Kaytranada are some of the modern influences to name a few.

Gram-Of-Fun is Kristel Aaslaid (vocals), Martin “Muudu” Kuut (Keyboards), Kostja Tsõbulevski (Bass), Frederik Küüts (Guitar), Jaan Jaago (drummachine), Dr.PhilGood (DJ/samples)